Consulting Arboriculture

Arterra have worked on a huge variety of consulting arboricultural projects. Arterra's approach to tree related issues is based on an awareness of the financial, ecological, emotional and visual value of trees. Our advice is based on pragmatism and experience, not emotion, and a strong understanding of the realities and impacts of construction on trees. Arterra provides specialist consulting arborist services only and does not provide any physical tree work services such as climbing, pruning, removal, or root pruning. This separation of services ensures that you receive independent expert advice relating to any physical services to be carried out on your trees.

Our Consulting Arborists provide clearly worded pre-design tree assessment reports outlining the potential of trees to tolerate certain design solutions and likely construction activities. We have the ability to operate professionally within any consultant team with strong skills in the interpretation and communication of the likely architectural and engineering design impacts on existing trees. We have experience in orchestrating and co-ordinating consultant documentation and ensuring realistic tree retention outcomes. We can assess the viability of tree transplanting, and if required manage and oversee transplant operations. We also regularly provide cultural and historical interpretation of the importance of planted urban trees.

Urban Forestry and Greening Advice

Street Tree Master Plans and Significant Tree Registers

Trees on Development Sites and Tree Management Plans

Tree Inventories and Risk Assessment

Transplantations and Tree Valuations

Tree and Landscape Heritage Assessment