The industry best practices standards of The Anchorage Islands were continued in The Landing and Harbourside stages of this tropical waterfront subdivision containing around 70 freehold title residential lots. Arterra prepared a master plan for the site and continued through to the documentation and implementation of several parks, beaches, an extensive waterfront public walkway and a unified streetscape setting. The parks provide tranquil passive recreation spaces connecting waterfront public access paths and cycleways. Each of the project house styles had a specific landscape design that ensured the landscape continuity of the project. Arterra designed all the public and private softscape, paving, signage, fencing, letterboxes, road patterning, jetties and waterfront boulder walls. Many of these elements were digitally modelled to gain client and Council approval. The project won the 1998, 1999, 2002 and 2003 Best Street award for the Tweed Shire Council area, the 2000 Residential Subdivision Award with Urban Development Industry Association and the 2000 Best Urban Development in The Hunter & Northern NSW Region with Urban Development Industry Association.

The Anchorage Transplants Tweed Heads



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