The hallmark of this master planned community was the integration of the residential development with the natural landscape, topography and the planned open space network.  A feature of the development was the linkages that are provided between all the open space and parkland areas providing benefits to the residents and also facilitating fauna corridors both within and to the surrounding natural areas.   Arterra was integrally involved in the master planning and arrangement of the parkland areas right through to detailed concept design and documentation of the open space areas currently planned for the village.  This work included the 3 major parks areas - Tallwoods Park, Coastal View Park and The Eastern Valley Creekline.  Our work also included preparing a Plan of Management for the 42 ha of Eastern Lands Open Space and a comprehensive Native & Riparian Vegetation Management & Plan. Refer also to our work on Fairfax Lodge and the golf course landscaping.

Tallwoods Village Open Space Master Planning



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