Arterra was engaged to provide landscape master planning advice to this future land release area.  Working closely within a multi- disciplinary team, Arterra has provided key inputs into the proposed subdivision and town centre layouts, providing concept designs of associated parks, civic spaces and streetscape treatments. Arterra provided detailed design and co-ordination of the first installation of urban streetscape including structural soils and irrigation systems under road pavements, street tree species selection, tree procurement contracts, nursery inspections, contract documentation and engineering co-ordination. Arterra also provided a Contract superintendance role in the installation of the first 75 mature street trees, including 60 x 2000L Jacarandas secured from Trees Impact. Refer also to our site planning involvement on this project.

Sovereign Hills Main Street, Port Macquarie



Year Completed

Approx Budget


Sovereign Hills Pty Ltd / Lewis Land Group


$ 500,000 (early works)

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