Rain Gardens and Other WSUD Initiatives



Arterra has extensive experience in site planning and landscaping strategies for rain gardens, passive irrigation and other water sensitive solutions to urban development. Our input ensures you get :-

- the maximum benefit from the physical and landscape assets of the site

- a layout that integrates all aspects of the site including engineering and landscape issues while challenging expensive or unsightly hard engineering solutions

Arterra will :

-respect, retain and incorporate existing landscape features where feasible to maximise aesthetic, property and ecological values

- offer alternatives to traditional high cost hard engineering solutions

  1. -maximise lower cost soft engineering solutions

- integrate drainage, soils and vegetation requirements

- ensure the site plan and corresponding earthworks address potential pedestrian access issues, particularly when dealing with maintenance and pedestrian access

- work closely with engineers to ensure useful and valuable ecological environments are created through the thoughtful arrangement of infrastructure


Sovereign Hills Main Street, Port Macquarie NSW

McDonalds, Delahay VIC

Biofiltration Basins, Murrays Beach NSW

Victoria Ave Mall Upgrade, Chatswood NSW

Berridale Town Centre Master Plan, Berridale NSW

Biofiltration Basins, Retford Park, Bowral NSW