Point Morisset, at Murrays Beach, was an important and visually prominent stage in the Murrays Beach estate being developed by Stockland Wallarah Pensinsula Pty Ltd. It was well treed with scattered remnant and regrowing native trees adjacent to Lake Macquarie. Many of these existing trees needed to be removed as part of the subdivision works. It was therefore vital that the remaining trees were well cared for and protected during the very disruptive processes of subdivision and services construction. Some of these were also identified as important habitat and hollow-bearing trees. The site also had a significant termite presence with a majority of trees affected to some extent by termite activity. Arterra prepared an extensive Tree Management Specification to guide the civil construction and protection of the trees.

Point Morisset Tree Management, Murrays Beach



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Stockland Wallarah Pensinsula / Stockland Residential Communities NSW



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