Arterra Design, in association with Urban Landscape Projects, undertook the design and documentation for a new all-abilities playground in the historic precinct surrounding the Mungerie House, near the new Rouse Hill town centre. The playground was designed to cater for a variety of age groups with sensory and play experiences for children of all abilities. The playground caters for imaginative open-ended role playing, and water play, as well as providing some more traditional play equipment. A whimsical reptilian life form weaves the space together and provides a colourful focus to the playground. Parents are afforded comfortable seating overlooking the playground from vine covered pergolas subtly separating the public walkway and the playground. Custom designed kinetic sound sculptures also offer hidden surprises for those wishing to explore. Talk tubes and crazy mirrors complete the fun for the younger ages.

Mungerie House Playground, Rouse Hill



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