Medium Density and Site Planning


Medium Density and Site Planning

Arterra has extensive experience in site planning for medium density housing and similar urban design solutions. Our input ensures you get :-

- solutions that do not unnecessarily inhibit potential future design decisions and opportunities

- an optimal site yield

- the maximum benefit from the physical and landscape assets of the site

- a layout that integrates architecture, engineering and landscape issues while challenging expensive or unsightly hard engineering solutions

Arterra will :

- create vibrant and economically feasible urban design outcomes

-respect, retain and incorporate existing landscape features where feasible to maximise property values

- offer alternatives to traditional high cost and up-front hard engineering solutions

- maximise low cost soft engineering solutions, especially in regard to water sensitive urban design solutions

- integrate drainage and vegetation retention requirements with landscape opportunities

- ensure the site plan and corresponding earthworks address potential pedestrian access issues, particularly when dealing with aged care facilities

- coordinate logical services corridors

- work closely with architects and engineers to ensure useful and valuable external environments are created through the thoughtful arrangement of buildings

- devise creative and workable streetscape and open space solutions


Tallwoods Village, Grangewood, Hallidays Pt NSW

Tallwoods Village, The Gallery, Hallidays Pt NSW

Frances Park, Darwin NT

Redbank Estate, North Richmond NSW

Tallwoods Village, Lakeside, Hallidays Pt NSW

Tallwoods Village, Fairfax Lodge, Hallidays Pt NSW