Arterra, in association with CD Recreation Services, was engaged to prepare a Plan of Management for one of Balmain’s largest open space areas.  The site was prominent and well utilised.  It was of historical significance due to its proximity to the Dawn Fraser Pool and its remaining early 1900’s planting and design.  The process included several community consultation meetings, resident and boat owner surveys and key stakeholder liaison.  The result culminated in a Master Plan for the park’s future development and an action Plan for Council to implement and monitor over time.  One of the key recommendations of the plan was the reconstruction of a dilapidated ferry wharf.  Arterra undertook the landscape design for the wharf’s surrounding foreshore which was completed in 2001.  In 2004, Arterra updated the Plan to cater for changes in legislative requirements and incorporated other site changes.

Elkington Park Master Plan and PoM,  Balmain



Year Completed

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Leichhardt Council

1999 and 2004


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